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“...will benefit many more aspects of my work and life than I had expected.”

“Fiona brings many skills and qualities to her guided reflection work. I appreciated her passion, enthusiasm, interest, care, compassion, commitment and her confidence and experience in business and in working with people of all levels. Fiona quickly became absorbed in our conversation. She competently and comfortably worked with my vague topic. She slowed the pace of my thinking and held the conversation with interest and curiosity. At all times she attended to my words, sense-making, ponderings, and wonderings. The peace and spaciousness in this special place of reflective practice allowed time to settle into thinking more broadly and deeply about my work. Fiona knew when to persist when it was clear we needed to explore further. I’m grateful she didn’t allow me to move too quickly to another thought. I came away with unexpected insights and deeper understandings of how I can work more effectively with my clients and colleagues. The important insight will benefit many more aspects of my work and life than I had expected. The way Fiona adeptly holds the space is an example we can all learn from. Thank you Fiona.”

Executive Coach : Coaching and Consulting

“Deeply present, creative and courageous...structure and clarity...invaluable.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Fiona in a number of contexts and have always found her to be deeply present, creative and courageous. As an ADAPT Resilient Business Coach she has provided the necessary structure and clarity required for getting to the core of the development of a business project. Fiona has also led me in guided reflection on my own practice as an organisational consultant. Her ability to hold the space and guide deep reflection on my personal experience was invaluable and enabled me to gain clarity on my own higher purpose and to see that I already had everything I needed to deliver on that. She also has a wonderful sense of humour and playfulness which she brings to her work!”

Organisational Development Consultant, Coach : Coaching and Consulting

“Valuable insights and reflections.”

“Fiona facilitated my guided reflection session that aimed to discover my deeper purpose. This was a fantastic experience! Fiona is kind, patient, insightful, and, most importantly, genuinely caring facilitator. She made sure I felt comfortable during the session despite the inner resistance and fear I encountered along the way. I feel that it was Fiona's persistence and variety of tools she utilized during the session that allowed me to walk away with some valuable insights and reflections. I was even more so grateful when Fiona followed up with some additional recommendations and feedback.”

PhD Candidate, Leadership Development Trainer : Education Management

“Empathetic, respectful, self-aware, honest.”

“Fiona is empathetic, respectful, self-aware, honest and determined. Where others barge ahead with bombast and bluster, Fiona moves just as far more consciously and carefully. She has a big, smart brain – honed in learning and applying engineering skills and leading huge projects – and this couples nicely with her care for others and determination to make a positive difference. She makes me think.”

Director, Professional Speaker, Facilitator : Education Management

“...engages you to reflect authentically and encourages you into action”

I have experienced guided reflection with Fiona. She has the knack of getting to the heart of the matter as a strong listener with great empathy and understanding. She gently engages you to reflect authentically and encourages you into action. I strongly recommend her leadership services.”

Executive Coach, Management Consultant : Coaching and Consulting

“I became free, expansive and inspired.”

“I found the sessions invaluable. Fiona helped me to become grounded and more self-aware through her gently challenging yet compassionate style. Her approach helped me look at things differently. Together we ventured into new territories which gave me the insights and confidence to pursue new business opportunities. Where I’d felt stuck and anxious I became free, expansive and inspired.”

Leadership Coach : Coaching and Consulting

“Can help you solve really complex systemic issues.”

“Fiona is one of those rare professionals who can help you solve really complex systemic issues and do it with care and compassion. When working with Fiona, I have never felt her judge or push, her manner is collaborative and caring, yet incisive.”

Director : Professional Training and Coaching

“I highly recommend [Fiona’s] consulting sessions if you would like to create an exceptional business.”

“Fiona is a highly skilled professional who is passionate about her work. She understands the complex challenges businesses face and draws on a unique combination of methodologies that facilitates personal and systemic reflection and change. In my experience, her approach, expertise and energy creates a truly safe and supportive reflective space to co-create awareness on very diverse issues with ease. She has a unique and very effective way of creating clarity and coming up with possible solutions. I highly recommend her consulting sessions if you would like to create an exceptional business.”


“A proven leader”

“Fiona can function at strategic levels of industry, is goal oriented, a proven leader with a background in the resources industry and eminently suited to work with senior people from business to help them achieve their objectives.”


“…will bring out the best in you, your staff and your business.”

“Fiona really helped me get to the root of things. Her insight and encouragement to recognise, engage and take opportunities has led me into new and satisfying avenues. Fiona is thoughtful, ethical and experienced, qualities that will bring out the best in you, your staff and your business.”

Quality Manager : Engineering, Procurement and Construction

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"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

Mark Twain

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