“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


Conscious Leadership

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Today’s business (busyness) culture can feel like being caught in a sandstorm; you’re buffeted by urgent demands, making it hard to preserve the peaceful, spacious mind you need for wise decisions in complex situations. The hectic pace fosters knee-jerk reactions which can undermine your intended results. Your brain starts to try to simplify things, seeing and analysing the world as separate parts and predicting the future based on the past. This doesn’t work.

Leading can also be lonely; it’s not easy to admit and explore uncertainties when you want to look strong and confident.

Without making time and space for deep reflection you and your organisation are likely to drift into irrelevance, your dreams of a better life and world unfulfilled.

However, when you slow down in a supported space you use your brain in a different way, seeing the interdependencies of the system including where things are working, where they’re not, or where there are better options.

Success Stories

“…will bring out the best in you, your staff and your business.”

“Fiona really helped me get to the root of things. Her insight and encouragement to recognise, engage and take opportunities has led me into new and satisfying avenues. Fiona is thoughtful, ethical and experienced, qualities that will bring out the best in you, your staff and your business.”

Quality Manager : Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Guided Reflection

Guided Reflection provides a one-to-one thinking space. You’ll learn to stay calmer, gaining new insights and turning them into actions with tangible business and personal results.

You can bring any subject that affects your work. Perhaps there’ll be a common thread between your sessions, or you may bring a different topic each session. For example we may explore:

  • Finding your higher work purpose
  • Improving your performance in a specific area
  • Examining why one of your teams or team members isn’t performing well
  • Finding out what’s going on with a difficult colleague
  • Ways to respond to a complex business challenge
  • Whether you’re getting in your own way, and how you can get out of it
  • Or anything other work-related challenge or aspiration you like, including personal ones affecting your work. Everything is interdependent.



After an introductory chat we meet either face-to-face or by phone or online for 60-90 minutes at a time.

The first session is free as a mutual exploration. If we’re both happy we usually commit to six sessions over six to eight months, often morphing to an ongoing monthly thinking space.

Together we explore the mountain-range of your work, using a variety of creative and pragmatic techniques to settle you into a deeply reflective thinking space and uncover what you know that you don’t know you know.


Leadership Circles

Leadership Circles provide an oasis from the storm of organisational life; a shared thinking space for calm, confident, intentional and effective leadership.

Within a Leadership Circle you’ll gain new perspectives, be more relaxed yet energized, develop innovative responses and build deep connections with other leaders. You will:

  • Make decisions with greater clarity and confidence
  • Develop your capacity to stay calm
  • Resolve interpersonal issues with intelligence, integrity and compassion
  • Lead your people to go beyond their previous limitations
  • Solve previously unsolvable problems, and
  • See and seize new strategic opportunities



  • A cohort of five leaders meets every few weeks for a series of six 3-hour sessions. Cohorts often choose to continue beyond the initial round
  • Each group session focuses on a current and concrete leadership challenge in which a participant, the case giver, is a key player
  • Following a simple yet powerful process, participants listen deeply to one another and share insights in a frame of unconditional positive regard
  • The space is “held” by a facilitator who also forms a part of the circle
  • Includes a follow-up one-one-one case-giver reflection session with the facilitator

From Mackey, J and Sisodia, R (2013), Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, p196 “There are two important aspects to hearing and following our hearts. First, we need to enhance our self-awareness so we know when we are truly following our hearts and when we’ve lost our way. When we are truly following our hearts (and not just our egos, which is what most of us do most of the time), we are tapped into our true passions in life. We are doing what we most love, and we find our lives full of increased energy, creativity, joy, and purpose. We simply feel more alive when we are moving within the flow of life.”

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"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

Mark Twain

Finding Your Purpose – Why and how to do it

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