“Love is that condition in which the happiness of
another person is essential to your own.”

Robert A. Heinlein



If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like:

  • “How do we keep up with change?”
  • “What does the world need now and how can we provide it?”
  • “How do I look after myself and my people in these challenging times?”


…then read on.

threefold Consulting empowers high performance leaders, teams and organisations by working at three levels:

  • Individual. Through individual and/or group coaching and reflection sessions leaders become more centred, wise and effective in an increasingly uncertain and complex world.
  • Organisational. A light-touch Consultant in Residence program, with visits at an agreed frequency based on need, supports sustainable ongoing performance improvement.
  • Systemic. In customised workshops you’ll find new ways to delight your customers and grow your business, build stakeholder relationships, discover previously unseen possibilities and solve seemily unsolvable problems.

About Your Business

Your organisation operates in a complex world that’s changing rapidly. Our economic, social, political and ecological landscapes are undergoing radical and accelerating shifts. We need new ways of seeing, thinking and working.

We need to See and Think Differently

We need to learn to see and work with the interdependencies surrounding our teams and organisations. We’re taught to solve problems by breaking them into static pieces and analysing the pieces separately. Yet that’s not how anything functions. Everything is a system within a system, from the smallest cell in our bodies to the universe itself. And everything is in a constant dance of sensing and responding. When we think about things as though they’re separate and unchanging it doesn’t work; we think we’ve solved a problem only to find our fix has caused issues somewhere else. Or what we thought was the problem is a symptom rather than a root cause.

Success Stories

“...engages you to reflect authentically and encourages you into action”

I have experienced guided reflection with Fiona. She has the knack of getting to the heart of the matter as a strong listener with great empathy and understanding. She gently engages you to reflect authentically and encourages you into action. I strongly recommend her leadership services.”

Executive Coach, Management Consultant : Coaching and Consulting

We Need to Work Differently

Where it may once have been feasible for most decisions to be made by a single leader or leadership team, the complexity of the business landscape and speed of change now make this impractical. By developing ourselves as individuals and teams, improving the quality of our relationships, and supporting ourselves with appropriate tools and processes, we foster our ability to change rapidly while keeping eveyone heading in the same direction.

So… What Can You Do?

For a start, go slow to go fast.

How can you afford to slow down when the world is moving so fast? Well… how can you afford NOT to?! Slowing down helps your brain function differently. When rushed you use knee-jerk reactions, repeat your old actions and get your old outcomes. To be truly effective in a changing world you need to create new possibilities, which means making time and space to slow down and broaden your thinking.

Create a richly connected network of high-performance teams.

Being in the workplace today is like swimming with your colleagues in a turbulent sea in a fog. To thrive in this environment you need to figure out how to be resilient, aware, intentional, agile and connected.

Learn to listen deeply.

The world is so complex and changeable no individual can begin to grasp the whole picture. However when you gather a diverse range of stakeholders for a well-held conversation you develop new understandings and deeper relationships. Through these conversations you create loyal customers, dedicated suppliers, inspired team-members and innovative solutions for your most challenging problems.




About Fiona Brooks and threefold

I’m a transformational leader and consultant with 30 years’ experience in operations, management, leadership, and management consulting. My passion is co-creating a thriving future for people and planet.

As a Civil Engineer with a Master of Engineering Science, my early career spanned roles ranging from engineering through logistics and domestic gas marketing. My experience in leading and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds was built over 15 years with Shell in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. I developed my love of strategy as General Manager at North West Shelf Gas where I was accountable for the team creating strategies and contracts to align the interests of six diverse owners, most of Western Australia’s major pipeline gas users, and the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline.

A management consultant since 2007, and now founder and owner of threefold, I provide leadership, team and organisational development to organisations of all shapes and sizes; from small family businesses to major corporations. I’m trained in leading-edge methods for systemic thinking, an essential capability in our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world.

My clients describe me as experienced, smart, intuitive, creative, curious, compassionate, courageous, deeply-present, patient, ethical, playful and practical.

Our Team

I work with a highly-trained, values-aligned and simply awesome network of people to give you the best possible support. Two of my most regular collaborators are Andre Burki of Burki Leadership and Doug Aberle of Marple Bridge.

If for any reason I’m not your best fit I’ll happily help you find someone who is. I want your organisation to thrive and do great work, that’s my priority.

The threefold Approach

Imagine a world where organisations thrive in change and complexity, caring for the people in them and the world around them:

  • Delivering outstanding results
  • Improving the lives of all those they touch, including future generations
  • Nurturing the wider ecosystem

If you’re an owner or leader wanting to make a difference as well as a living, then build the organisation you’d choose to work in if you weren’t the boss.

Help your organisation thrive by working with threefold Consulting in any or all of these areass:

Conscious Leadership
Our world is changing rapidly. Shift from outdated and slow hierarchical leadership to being agile and responsive.
Find out more…

Conscious Business
We’re all being buffeted by increasing and seemingly conflicting demands. Care for your people, keep them working together to head in the same direction, and grow their capacity and appetite for change.
Find out more…

Conscious Solutions
Hold conversations that matter: Guide key groups to see the interdependencies in their systems so they can make wiser decisions. Address the root causes of problems instead of the symptoms.
Find out more…

If you want to calmly and creatively deliver better results, make your organisation more resilient and successful, or solve complex organisational problems… let’s chat.


Success Stories

“Empathetic, respectful, self-aware, honest.”

“Fiona is empathetic, respectful, self-aware, honest and determined. Where others barge ahead with bombast and bluster, Fiona moves just as far more consciously and carefully. She has a big, smart brain – honed in learning and applying engineering skills and leading huge projects – and this couples nicely with her care for others and determination to make a positive difference. She makes me think.”

Director, Professional Speaker, Facilitator : Education Management

  1. Conscious Leadership
  2. Conscious Business
  3. Conscious Solutions

"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

Mark Twain

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